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FAQ about Children’s Dentistry

Get answers to your top questions from our pediatric dentist in Williamson County, TN.

  • Does my kid need braces?
    Some parents question if orthodontic intervention is necessary at the age of two, but the earliest age for orthodontic treatment is typically around 6-7 years old.

    This doesn’t mean we can’t look for signs of abnormal development in the meantime (like mouth breathing, protruding teeth, prolonged thumb sucking, etc.). Our pediatric dentist also monitors for signs of jaw development problems and crooked teeth, and we’ll recommend a specialist if needed.

    The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children receive an orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven. Around this age, a dental specialist can recognize signs of misalignment. Select problems are easily fixable with early intervention, guiding the jaw and teeth into proper alignment.

  • Why or why not use fluoride?
    Fluoride helps strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay. It’s common practice for dental offices to administer fluoride treatments in addition to using fluoride toothpaste and mouthwashes.

    For patients with a fluoride allergy or fear of fluoride overexposure, we offer an effective alternative with fluoride-free treatments.

  • Electric toothbrushes vs. traditional, which is best?
    Electric and traditional (manual) toothbrushes are both effective. They clean teeth, remove plaque, prevent gum disease, and freshen breath.

    While it all comes down to technique (which our pediatric dentist happily shares with your family), an electric toothbrush may have some advantages. Electric toothbrushes for kids are easy to use, offer gentle brushing power, and can include a fun timer and music to make hygiene fun.

  • Does my child really need that filling if it’s just a baby tooth?
    Baby teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth and must be protected.

    If a baby tooth has a cavity, we may remove the decay and fill the tooth. Then, once it’s ready to come out, the new tooth can grow in its place.

    It’s important to note that premature tooth loss in kids can lead to crooked teeth and more costly treatments like orthodontics. Our practice aims to keep your child’s natural teeth healthy and beautiful now and in the future.

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